Postgraduate courses (available to all therapists)

Getting down to business in Amsterdam!

Module 1

How Reflexology Helps  the Cancer Patient  (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 2

How Reflexology Helps the Multiple Sclerosis Patient (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 3

How Reflexology Helps during Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 4

Reflexology for Head and Back Problems (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 5

How Reflexology Helps the Depressive Illnesses  (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 6

How Reflexology Helps the Perimenopausal Patient  (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Module 7

How Reflexology Helps with Pain Management (UPDATED and REVISED!)

Inspired Postgraduates on a Melbourne, Australia course

Course details

All of these themes are one-day courses for qualified therapists with a high level of advanced A&P knowledge. The focus is on the practical element with techniques that are immediately transferable to your everyday practice. The day typically runs from 10am -5.30pm and all modules have been previously been accredited for CPD points by all the main reflexology and complementary health associations. 

Interested? To book your place from this amazing selection, simply call or email and a prospectus will be sent electronically or in the post.